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she moves in
her nakedness
melding with His
arms wrapping around
holding on tight
He grabs her
pulling her in
no space between
nothing can invade
their intimacy
their connection
closer still she
takes hold
pressing to Him
His grip tightens
His cock wedged
against her
her sex throbs
she knows
He feels her
clinging to each other
as the outside world
falls away…


~words by raven


~ The Party – Part One ~ a D/s story… by raven

~ The Party ~

Part One


He led her by the hand along the stone path to the large house, only knowing they were attending a party there that evening. The heels of her stilettos clicking as she walked quickly to keep up with Him. The night breeze danced on her nylon covered legs, it was a warm sultry evening with just the slightest hint of rain in the air. She loved the night, and this weather, she thrived in, and in His presence, just amplified her love of the dark.


Wearing exactly as He had asked of her. He didn’t often dictate her every choice, but tonight was different. He was very clear in what He wanted and how He needed her to look. It excited her, when He was this way. She loved when He took control like this.


She was in all black, a soft black skirt that sat just above her knees, hugging her hips and the curves of her ass, beneath were sheer black stockings being held up by the lace suspenders He loved so much. A silk black camisole was His choice for her top, almost a tank top, but dressier. It covered a black lace bra that held her full bust up, her nipples poking over the half cups. The outfit was finished with her highest black heels, her long black hair hanging straight with a splash of red across her lips.


Inhaling deeply, she smelt Him on the collar that graced her throat, it hadn’t been removed since He had placed it on her. He had marked her that night, cumming over the collar, her neck, traces streaming onto her lips. The most perfect way to be worn on her, his symbol of ownership, surrounded by His scent.


Her body trembled as she squeezed His hand tightly, they stood before the entrance, dark, yet welcoming, almost an unspoken invitation to those who dared to accept. It didn’t take long, for whom she assumed was the hostess to open the door and welcome them into her home.


Walking through the door, she felt like a child on Christmas morning. There were so many things catching her attention, candles lit everywhere, gilded mirrors of all shapes and sizes, reflecting the warm glow. Coupled with beautiful art, statues, paintings, it was like a museum, a gallery of erotica, beautiful nudes, both male and female everywhere the eyes travelled.


With so many things, you would almost think it was overdone, but it was balanced perfectly. The grand entrance hall was awe inspiring. Lost in so many things to look at she wasn’t sure how long He had been trying to get her attention.


‘girl,’ He chuckled at her, pulling at her hand. ‘Having fun already? This is only just the hall. So much more I need to show you.’


“Sorry Sir, yes Sir, it is magnificent.”


“I knew you would love it baby. Now come!”


“Yes Sir.” His command instantly brought her back to Him.


She followed Him into a large room adjacent to the hall, making sure to keep her focus forward rather than get further distracted by all around her. They walked through large open double doors, and if she was speechless on the beauty of the entrance, what was before her took her breath away.


A soft blush rose over her cheeks, a smile across her lips, she took everything in, which was near impossible, there was so to see. The scene before her, was something from her dreams, her fantasies, did places like this truly exist? Her eyes looked up to Him, almost for reassurance it was real, that He had brought her to such a place.


Before her the room was a sea of black and white. A large oversized room, with three distinct sitting areas all separated by a walking area for ease of moving through the space. Each area the same, black lush leather furniture; couches, love seats, ottomans, all lovingly worn, were placed with great care to make what could be such a daunting space into something quite intimate. White plush rugs scattered with assorted black and white patterned cushions of all shapes and sizes.


The walls were covered in fetish photography keeping in the rooms there. There was even the occasional toy displayed on the wall, leather floggers that looked well loved, canes, even a display of collars, from leather to delicate silver, all centred with a d-ring for a leash. In the far corner, next to a pair of French doors that lead out to what she thought an outdoor entertaining area was the bar. I was dark, to match everything else in the room, and had a few club chairs placed around it.


But it wasn’t the room itself that took her breath away, it was the people. She had never seen people like this before, well not in such a large group. All socialising, laughing, deep conversations, mostly couples and from what she could see, all in different stages of dress and undress. Men were mostly in suits, or at least dress pants, their shirts nowhere to be seen.   The ladies, wow, they looked amazing. Black lace, leather dresses, lingerie, skirts with sheer tops.


The more she looked, the more skin she saw. Except for the girls that were in the lingerie, it was soon obvious that there was very little, or no underwear worn by the others. The sheer tops, left nothing to the imagination, and some of the skirts allowed one to see beneath of those girls sitting down. She actually felt overdressed, conservative in what He had chosen for her, but at the same time she didn’t look out of place. He had picked the perfect outfit for her to wear for her first time here.


“Come girl, let us find a place to sit.”


“Yes Sir,” her voice husky, almost a whisper as she realised she was about to be part of this group, this social gathering.


He led her to an oversized black leather chair that was sitting between two of the sofas. The people sitting on the sofas turned and smiled as He sat down, and motioned her to the large cushion on the floor just near the seat. Carefully she sat on the cushion, her skirt over her thighs as she curled her legs beside her.


He placed His hand on her shoulder, pulling her back closer to Him. She wiggled back bringing the cushion with her, till she was leaning against the arm of the chair. He made their introductions to the couples that stopped their conversations to make them feel welcome. And they did. Feeling very comfortable, more so than she thought she would, she looked more closely to the people around her.


Smiling to herself as she noted the collars that graced the throats of the girls, a few with fine chains or leashes hanging down, more for decorative purposes she imagined but the symbolism was equally as strong. Others wore leather collars, from embossed to very plain with simple d-rings at the centre. Most of these girls were owned. Without thinking she raised her hand to her collar, fingering the leather, playing with the ring the hung at the centre of her throat.


“Stop fidgeting girl and go and ask the girl over there to prepare My drink,” He motioned to a young women who was wearing a waitress uniform. Well a kinky version of a waitress uniform, a short leather skirt that hugged her curvy hips, a white shirt that was only buttoned to under her bust. The white shirt was open, and her tits were easily seen. A small white apron was tied around her waist, she guessed so there was no doubt of her purpose.


“Ummm, Sirrrr,” she stammered, “Your drink? Your special drink?”


He laughed in His chair. “girl, My girl, don’t you worry that over thinking brain of yours. Yes I want my special drink, but you, and only you are my fourth ingredient. Now stand up, and go help that gorgeous waitress to help you find what you need. Do you understand?”


With a smile that lit her face, “Yes Sir, I understand.” She felt a bit stupid for almost questioning Him.


Placing her hands on the floor, she gracefully got to her feet, and just before she turned to kiss His cheek, He gave her ass a quick slap. She gasped out loud at the sudden spank, then blushed when the Men sitting on the couches chuckled.


“Go on girl, My drink.”


Without any further hesitation she made her way across the room to the bar. She didn’t allow herself distraction, her focus was on His drink, and was suddenly happy that He hadn’t given her panties to wear that evening. Upon reaching the bar, the waitress was friendly and sweet and helped her prepare His drink.


One block of ice, two fingers of coke, then three fingers of bourbon. Just as she was about to pick up the glass to go behind the bar, for a little modesty, the girl spoke up.


“May I ask, “ her voice quiet, “What is the fourth ingredient?”


“That would be me,” she giggled. The girl, just blushed.


Collecting the glass in her hand, she walked around to behind the bar. With her legs slightly parted, her eyes closing, she quietly thrust two of her fingers into her pussy four times. He would be so pleased, she was very wet. Removing her fingers after the final thrust, she then stirred His drink with them.


Looking back up, she noticed the waitress has been watching her.


“It is how He likes His drink.” She stated matter-of-factly, a slight blush to her cheeks.


“Lucky Man.”


“Actually I think I am the lucky one.” She smiled brightly, and with a turn on her feet, she moved out from behind the bar, and started her way back to Him.


But then, there was a lovely moan that caught her immediate attention. To her right, there was an identical sitting area to the one where she was earlier another sitting area, a circle of furniture surrounded a low oversized coffee table. Couples were scattered over the love seats, and couches, with a few of the girls sitting on the floor at the feet of their owners.


The moan sounded louder this time. Looking over at the people, she could see it had everyone’s attention. She needed to know where it came from. Taking a step closer, she was now standing at the back of one of the leather couches. On the coffee table a girl was laid out, displayed. Her legs bent, arms hanging down, she lay there naked. Her breasts rose and fell, with every ragged breath. Her throat surrounded by a leather collar with a silver engraved plate, clearly showing her place ‘slave’.


Her parted legs showing a closely shaved cunt that was glistening from the surrounding candles that littered the walls and side tables. Just then she saw it! A crop came down on to the swollen lips. A beautiful moan escaped the slave’s lips.


“Enjoying the view girl?” Her Sir was there, right beside her.


“Ummm yes Sir, sorry Sir, I was mesmerised by her.” She instantly remembered the cold crystal glass in her hand.


With her bright eyes looking up at Him, she moved herself so she was facing Him. Then with the glass in her hand she slowly lowered herself to the floor. Unsure if He would stop her, she knelt in before Him, her body trembling, it was rare that she had knelt for Him in public and this was the second time this evening. Breathing deeply, she parted her thighs and lowered her eyes to the floor. Regaining her composure, she lifted them back up to Him, His face lit in a smile, she offered Him His drink.


“good girl, and this is My favourite drink?”


“Yes Sir, just as You love it.”


“Thank you girl, you may rise now.”


She rose to her feet, and took a step closer to Him, inhaling Him. “Anything else, Sir,” she asked.


“Actually yes there is girl. Remove your top.”


She blushed, her cunt contracted and her eyes widened looking up to Him. She stood still for a moment, breathing deeply, she had never been asked to do anything like this before, hell, she had never been to a party like this before either.


Her hands lowered to the hem of her top, and she knew she was shaking. Before she knew it, His hands were gripping hers as He leant in to whisper in her ear. “Do you trust Me, My little slut?”


“Yes Sir, You know I do Sir.”


“I promise you that at this party I will not ask anything of you that would be frowned upon by our hosts and their guests. Do you understand?”


“Yes Sir, I understand.”


They were still whispering. “slut, are you excited? Tell Me, is your cunt wet for Me?”


Swallowing hard, “Yes Sir, I am, and I am wet.”


He took a step back, let go of her hands. “That’s My babygirl.”


With her hands still gripping her top, she slowly pulled it up over her head, heart racing. With her tank in her hands she opened her closed eyes and looked down. Full tits, sitting up, supported by her half cup bra. Her nipples exposed just above the black lace, hard from the excitement coursing through her.


He took the top from her hand, and she stood there, before Him, exposed, yet, aware she was now more appropriately attired. Looking up at Him, she could see how pleased He was, her nerves now at ease, from that one look.


“Oh, her tits are magnificent, may I, Creed?” A Man, she didn’t recognise, had turned on the couch and was facing them.


“Of course you may Evan.” He replied.


‘Of course!! Of course!!!’ the words screamed in her head while she turned slightly and faced the Man who was given permission to do something to her.


“girl, take a step closer to the couch, this fine Man, a friend, would like to inspect your gorgeous tits.”


With a shaky voice she replied, “Yes, Sir.”


Taking a step forward she stood at the back of the couch within easy reach to Sir Evan.


“Hands behind you girl, shoulders back, show Evan just how full they truly are.” Her Sir’s orders instinctively obeyed.


Gasping out loud, strong warm hands cupped her tits. His fingers and thumb tweaked her, already hard, nipples above the black lace of her bra. As quickly He started touching her, He stopped with a soft caress over the top of her curves.


“Such a good girl you have Creed and you must enjoy these immensely.”


“Thank you and I do,” He replied with an edge of pride in His voice.


She smiled softly, staying where she was.


“Come girl, back by My side.”


Without a word she returned to Him, she was greeted with a small spank on her ass. A gesture of how pleased He was with her.


The familiar moan, reached her ears once more. Not sure if the cropping had stopped for a while, or had continued but she was too distracted to notice. Her head turned back to the girl on the coffee table. She was not attracted to other girls, she loved Men, but there was something so sensual, erotic, about this girl just lying on the table before everyone. Taking every fall of the crop that landed on her clit, puffy lips and the top of her cunt with such grace and beauty.


“girl, it is time for us to go back to our seats, but there is something You must do for Me first.”


“oh Sir?”


“Move your eyes back to the girl lying on the table. And can you see the red crop mark just above her lips?”


“Yes Sir,” she had no idea where He was going with this.


“Good. You are to walk around, and place a small, soft kiss on that spot.”


She flushed instantly, swallowing. She wasn’t going to dare question His orders. Instead she replied quietly, “Yes Sir.”


Before she lost her nerve, or even gave Him time to respond, she quietly walked around the couch, past the people seated and moved to the middle of the room, on the other side of the table. She knew it wouldn’t be permissible to block any view.


Lifting her eyes up to His, she kneeled at the side of the table. The crop came down fast before her, landing on the place she was to kiss.


~ * ~ * ~ * ~

© raven 2014


as one..

Two individuals

Both of strength

Personalities bright

Her fun cheeky sensual spirit

Strong in her submission

His entertaining

Calming, erotic essence

A strong, dominant Man

Never losing who they are

Coming together

They join, blending

Breathing the same air

Encouraging, cherishing

Enhancing who they are

As One


© raven*


.. collars..


i have been slowly working through my laptop, which has so many of my writings and others that i have collected over the years..  and i found this one, which i have found good food for thought, especially since the topic of collars came up in a recent conversation between myself and Another. It got me thinking again about the significance of being collared, and what it means.. anyway.. i just wanted to post it here..

I did NOT write this.. I read this on a r/t submissive’s blog.. thought it was interesting and worth sharing…


Why is a collar so important??? It’s just a piece of leather…


A collar means *everything* to a submissive/slave–especially those few really genuine submissives who seek to really serve in any way they can–whether it’s painful or not, whether it’s convenient or not… whether there is pleasure to be had, or not.


Submission, as I’ve said hundreds of times, is a very difficult thing–if it is to be done right. Submissives go through a great lot of emotional turmoil–sometimes based on nothing but the phases of the moon, or those damnable hormones. Sometimes, you can’t ask for the security/reassurance you so desperately need because of whatever circumstances and you often feel that certain insecurity that is peculiar to subs at the oddest moments. It’s a sense of the *emotional* ground shifting and the nagging thought, “Did I really do my best to please today?” This is a tough thing to deal with and no matter how secure one feels in the light of day or the *logical* mind, there is nothing like being able to hold, touch and feel the tangible *proof* of the relationship, of his dominance, and of one’s service.


Lemme give you an example: I wear my Master M’s carved silver band ring, which is what he calls my *constant collar.* The carving reads: “Vous Et Nul Autre” which translates to “You and no other.” (French) It is something I can wear in public easily and he had it engraved inside the band with his initials and my own, as well as the date of my enslavement. I can get pretty off-the-wall sometimes… which is perhaps more understandable since he lives 1800 miles away… but would be the same if we lived in the same space. I do not ever let this ring leave my body–if I have to remove it, I put it in my mouth until I can replace it on my hand… and whenever *doubt* enters my brain, I can look at it, touch it, kiss it… feel my Master’s power within and without. That ring is the symbol of his caring… and nothing more–but it is something I can touch and that helps me when I am at my worst.


I have another collar–I guess most would say the *traditional lifestyle collar* and it is custom-made leather and steel, fits only me and cannot be worn in public without a great lot of scrutiny and unwanted attention–and yet, it is just as important and has the same significance as that ring on my finger. It is what he calls my *training collar* and when he closes it around my neck and snaps the lock shut–I always react physically to that sound. He does not allow me to take it home; it is to be worn only when I am there… and I fully understand those restrictions.


But I need a collar–I need the tangible proof… I need to wear this symbol… it helps to comfort me, it helps


~.. cling

she moves in
her nakedness
melding with His
arms wrapping around
holding on tight
she embraces Him
He pulls her in
no space between
nothing can invade
their intimacy
their connection
closer still
His grip tightens
His cock wedged
against her
her sex throbs
she knows
He feels her
clinging to each other
as the outside world
falls away…



… raven


2014 has been a challenge so far.. for my life offline and online.. i had let a lot of my online enjoyment fall away as i was coping and managing the things happening around me..


but my words are flooding back, i have been back to reading blogs, enjoying some D/s discussions which always gets my thoughts flowing, and my needs for this part of my life to be filled.  i had been struggling with my nickname online, i had been button here, a name someone special in my life calls me, but online i have always been raven.  I was thinking about giving up raven as it was a name given to me years ago, by my first online Master, the Man that taught me so much, that showed me all i could be and so much more.  So I had looked at ‘raven’ as being in the past.  But a friend showed me this week that raven is who i am, it is where i came from and it is what gives me joy today.  Without being raven, i would have missed so much, not known so much about who i am.


So i have decided that the other names i may be given by special people in my life, i started this journey as raven, and will continue to be.  I know it is just a name, but it came from somewhere special, so it shall remain..


hope to be blogging more.. as raven.. where my voice originally came from in this great big world online..


~raven* xx

What A Submissive Needs


We all need someone the key is to find someone who fits our need. To find someone who is willing to take the time to understand us and where we are coming from. Someone who enjoys doing the same things we do, places, movies, food, vacations. Then yes the almighty Kink, the Bondage, play time, pleasing and being pleased. It is not a one way street.

To be successful in any relationship we need to have more than one thing in common. If sex is the only thing in common your relationship will be short lived, and who is going to take the blame? The submissive will, the submissive is always the reason why the relationship did not work. She was a fake, not real, did not want to put the time or effort into the relationship. I was not the right Dominant for her.

Remember a submissive will adapt…

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~ the dance

the closeness of a dance

beyond the notes

beyond the steps

just two souls

lost in the clarity

of their song


Sir.. i am craving Your song,

dancing to Your lead,

please move me to Your rhythm

lose me in the steps

as i immerse in Your soul



where are the words?


where are the words?

I cannot write
Where are the words?
Yet I see her there
She kneels hungrily
Craving what He has
To offer to a girl
Her body aches for pain
Yearns for this discipline
Where are the paragraphs
That show how she needs
To be taken and used
The emotions that fill
Every fibre as she pleases
One, a Man that owns her
Where are the letters
The ones that form
To tell the reader
How she wants His arms
That precious hold
Protecting her, her safety
The same arms that cradle
As her sated body comes
Back down from the highs
The heights He has shown
Shown a girl that wants
To learn, to serve Him
Where is the story
That tells the tale
Of hunger, lust
Desire passion and need
Will it be told
And will it be heard
Waiting for the block
To clear, to give release
So words can be written
Of orgasmic delights
Sweet agony
Moments of bliss
When two share their
Own selves to bond
Join, fuck, take, connect
Be lost in all they are
Her needs to serve a Dominant
His wants for one to please Him
Will the words express
All she can be for One
A pet, a slut, a babygirl
and everything in between
Just a submissive girl
Whose story is lost
for she cannot
Find her words
~ button* ~
this is an older writing of mine.. i found it tonight going through archives of an old blog.. i have forgotten many words i have written over the years..  tonight this one is meaningful as my need for M is strong.. and i know i have to wait..
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